My iPhone App was approved!!

SideSwipe Player - Control your music with gestures

I got an email today that my iPhone App “SideSwipe” was approved. It was a long process to wait through but I’m very excited to see it in iTunes. Here’s a little background on my application, it’s a gesture based application that lets you control your current iPod play list without having to look at the screen and find the buttons. I use it myself, mostly when driving. Hopefully others will find it useful and it will help keep their attention where it’s needed šŸ™‚

Here’s a link to my app [link] (opens iTunes)

Let me know what you think and about any features you’d like to see. Enjoy!

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Removing the Honda Pilot stereo

I finally got around to installing theĀ harman/kardon drive+play system in my 2008 Honda Pilot (well at least the display unit). I installed the display up near the driver on the dash to the right of the steering wheel. The cable ran across the console for a few months. I blame my procrastination in large part to not knowing how to take the pilot dash apart. So, after some google searching I found this helpful PDF,Ā detailing all the dash components to remove. As a forewarning, I found it a little unsettling pulling some of these parts off because of the metal clips you really need to give it a little muscle.

After getting the dash paneling off I ran the display cable behind the stereo to the back of the glove box. Next up is running the iPod cable, control cable and power through my center console. I’ll update this post with the completed project… might take me a while…

the Pilot

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Have time for a game of Chess?

I setup this open source chess application at The code’s been around for quite sometime, since about 2003. The game play is heavy on JavaScript but doesn’t use any AJAX. I’m planning on changing that to improve the gaming experience but it works well enough for now. The history display takes up the right side of the real estate and is a very nice component of the game. The history can be displayed in Portable Game Notation (PGN) or Verbose (plain english). Both formats provide the same detail it’s more a matter of preference as to which to use.

If you’re interested in playing a game or just want to see what it looks like sign up and send me an invitation.

Picture of the Chess board

Chess game in action.

You can also set it up on your own environment if you are running php and mysql. The source code is available here: source.

Have fun!

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Deleting folders with trailing spaces in Windows

The other day I came across a folder on my laptop that I couldn’t delete. It seems that an application had created it with a trailing space and as you are probably aware once a folder is created with a trailing space in Windows it’s almost impossible to delete or rename.

Well… after searching google and scrapping every forum I could find I came across this command [link]. I was able to use it to remove the folder and get on with my life:


i.e. RD “\\?\C:\Invalid Folder “

To save myself the agony of looking for it up again (and hopefully make your search a little less time consuming) I made this post. Hope it helps!

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Getting started…

I’m going to be using this blog to post whatever I want. You’ll see topics that include my interests, any issues/resolutions I’ve experienced and projects I’m working on.

Hope you’ll find my rambling helpful or at least interesting (maybe even amusing).


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